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Retreat – mental detox

I was reading this blog post: http://beeyoga.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/to-cleanse/ and was inspired to think about what a detox or cleanse might look like for me.

Although I am not overly paranoid about toxins in my body, a physical cleanse would be very beneficial.  Lately I have been very aware of how physical issues have a profound effect on my state of mind.  As my post-pregnancy hormones have shifted and I have been re-regulating my thyroid supplements, I have noticed big differences in my patience, quickness to anger, and overall energy level.  Since I am still nursing, an intensive body-detox regimen is out of the question (if I even had a prayer of having enough self control to carry one off, which I don’t).  However, a body/spirit cleanse could take many forms.  It is a retreat.  It is a spiritual practice.  And since spiritual practices are medicine, they can be prescribed individually.

I am addicted to electronic stimulation: internet, tv, movies, and my cell phone.  I am sure it affects how I think and feel and I do feel a bit of withdrawal when I have been off the internet for too long.  After the initial withdrawal, I feel more relaxed and less keyed up.  I also have a soda problem (although this has gotten better in recent weeks).  So my ideal cleanse/retreat diet would mostly target my mind and spirit.

Practices would include:

– avoiding the computer, email, and cell phone (although writing this blog seems okay)

– turning off the television

– spending time outdoors everyday – being in nature is very grounding for me

– drinking lots of water

– eliminating junk food/sugar/high fructose corn syrup

– no soy (phytoestrogens are not so good) or pork (this one my husband suggested).  Eat more natural foods

– practicing Mindfulness, Silence (speaking only what is necessary and kind)

– head covering

– daily meditation/prayer/quiet

– getting more sleep (i.e. going to bed before 11)

Starting small would be best – maybe just a day or two.  I know it takes more than a few days to change deep habits, but as BeeYoga suggests in her post, you have to train yourself to run a marathon.  I’m not sure when I’ll start – maybe next week so I’ll have a chance to shop the Farmers Market on Sunday first.  I’ll let you know how things go.


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