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I picked this up at the library (in audio book format) while I was looking for books on CD to bring on my trip (another camping vacation coming up!).  I started listening to it today and am enthralled.  It is wonderful!  I am looking forward to hearing the rest and also borrowing John Bunyan’s autobiography: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.  Since I am currently in the throes of my own existential/spiritual crisis I think reading about his crisis 350+ years ago will be very interesting.

I keep thinking about Gautama Buddha in the Kalama Sutra addressing the confused villagers who had heard too many wandering mystics/gurus and didn’t know who to listen to or follow.  I can relate.  People interpret this sutra in very different ways, but my take is that you have to start with what is clearly right – do those things, and observe the fruits in your life – from those fruits will come other convictions other “right ways.”  In such a way, one is guided continually both by one’s own judgment and the unfolding path.  Buddha doesn’t say “pick this one” or “use your intellect” or “use divination” etc etc – practice is what is needed.  We cannot know truth without allowing ourselves to change through living a changed life.


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