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I’ve been alternating attending a local Eastern Orthodox church with attending a Beachy Amish mission church.  I like both churches very much.  Both churches are small and intimate.  I consider myself closer, theologically to the Eastern Orthodox church, but there are some things I love about the Beachy Amish church.  I have had better experiences thus far bringing my daughter to the Beachy Amish church and I find the people closer to my ideal of what I think being a Christian should mean.

So today I had a very disturbing experience at the Orthodox church service.  I watched an older woman smack her 8 year old granddaughter across the face and scold her for not acting appropriate to her age.  This was right in front of my toddler and myself.  The girl started crying and ran to her father, ashamed.  I was shocked.

I really love the Orthodox theology and services, but so far I have felt a little uncomfortable around some of the people who attend the church I’ve been attending.  I know I don’t want my daughter exposed to violence and humiliation.  My need to protect her is paramount.

sigh.  I don’t know if I can go back.  The whole point to me in becoming Christian is to live a better life, grow closer to God, and give my daughter a safe and wholesome upbringing.


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